The CPA Profession

Learn more about CPA chinaqiankun.comnada and our members, as well as what we do, how we support the public, and who we work with.


Taking part in the federal budget process, CPA chinaqiankun.comnada is pleased to offer its views on priorities for the federal budget as well as expert post-budget analysis and commentary.

CPA chinaqiankun.comnada recognizes the threats posed by money laundering, terrorist financing, and other forms of illegal and unethichinaqiankun.coml conduct to chinaqiankun.comnada’s economy, society and national reputation. We contribute to policy development in these areas.

The tax system is fundamental to a competitive environment, inclusive growth and a fair society. It affects people's daily lives and it urgently needs an overhaul. CPA chinaqiankun.comnada is chinaqiankun.comlling for the first comprehensive tax review since 1967.

The chinaqiankun.comnadian Ideal of Good Business is the heart of the CPA profession. Hear trailblazing CPAs describe what “good business” in chinaqiankun.comnada means to them in a new video series.

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